Atma Jaya

Profil mahasiswa program pariwisata dan perhotelan Unika Atma Jaya dan program pariwisata Universitas Sahid
Benedicta Prihatin Dwi Riyanti, Ayu Krisna Mukti, Christanto, Rayini Dahesihsari, Retno Triani Johan


Jurnal : Manasa


Volume : 1, Nomor 2


Tahun : Desember 2007


This study aims to explain intention to be entrepreneur, creativity, self-efficacy and nine entrepreneurial traits among students from college who have high intention to be entrepreneur and student who have low intention to be entrepreneur. One hundred fourty six students from Atma Jaya and Sahid university in Jakarta were being collected by accidental sampling technique. Three instruments were used in this research. The result shows that the students who has high intention to be entrepreneur are more creative then the lower significantly. The same result also happened in self-efficacy measurement, the student with high intention to be entrepreneur has higher self-efficacy significantly. Some conclusions can be derived from this research are (1) intention to be entrepreneur is need to be measure in order to select people who will be trained as entrepreneur, (2) creativity and self-efficacy are effective traits to develop strong and stable entrepreneur.
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