Atma Jaya

Perilaku konsumsi telepon seluler di kalangan mahasiswa: Sebuah studi pada mahasiswa Unika Atma Jaya
Rayini Dahesihsari (


Jurnal : Manasa


Volume : 1, Nomor 2


Tahun : 2007


While the number of mobile phone users is growing rapidly, adolescents are among the main market of this communication device. However, too little is known about mobile phone consumption pattern on adolescents. This paper is design to deliver an understanding of the pattern of mobile phone consumption among university students at Unika Atma Jaya Jakarta. Seventy five students (randomly selected) were completed a questionnaire. The findings show that majority of Atma Jaya university students are keen to a new technology and are always showing interest in advanced features of their mobile phones. However, their consumption behaviour regarding mobile phones are more related strongly with their financial capacities, rather than with their technology competency. Furthermore, hedonic and emotional motives are dominant as bases for mobile phone usage.
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