Atma Jaya

Gambaran keterampilan memotivasi diri, ketrampilan mengelola diri, dan ketrampilan teknis praktis mahasiswa Fakultas Psikologi Unika Atma Jaya
Weny Savitry S. Pandia ( dan Margaretha Purwanti


Jurnal : Manasa


Volume : 1, Nomor 2


Tahun : 2007

One among the substantial indicators of academic outcomes in a higher education was students’ human capital skill. The skills consist of self-motivation, self-management, and technical skill (Cote & Levine, 2000). The assumption is the longer their study in a university, the better the human capital skills that they achieve. This research examines whether there is a difference on self-motivation skill, self-management skill, and technical skill among students of the Faculty of Psychology, Unika Atma Jaya Jakarta who are in their first year, third year and the fifth year.
The results show that there is no such a significant difference in terms of human capital skill among these students. In general, participants had a high skill on self-motivation and on self-management. They also had a moderate level on technical skill. However, a further examination indicates that the fifth year students had a higher level of self-motivation than the first year students, while on the other hand, the first year students had a higher level of technical skill compared to the fifth year students. The implications of the findings were discussed.

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