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Development and Reliability of the Indonesian Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Fourth Edition

Christiany Suwartono, Magdalena S. Halim, Lidia L. Hidajat, Marc P. H. Hendriks,  and Roy P. C. Kessels



Through the years, several translated versions of Wechsler’s intelligence test have been used in Indonesia, in clinical, educational or industrial settings. However, instruments such as Wechsler- Bellevue Intelligence Scale are outdated, have not been validated and lack proper normative data, resulting in measurement errors and invalid decisions made on the intellectual potential of individuals. The primary aim of this study was to adapt and validate the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale—fourth edition (WAIS-IV) for use in Indonesia. We described the first phase in the adaptation of the WAIS-IV in the Indonesian language, including translation, item analysis, and reliability of the subtests. The sample of this research consisted of 148 healthy participants who are representative for the Indonesian population with respect to gender, age groups (ages 16 to 83), educational levels, and ethnic background. Results showed that the sequence of the US WAIS-IV cannot be applied in Indonesia due to differences in index difficulties. Cronbach’s coefficient alphas for the WAIS-IV subtests ranged from .74 - .92. For the subtests from the Verbal Comprehension Index, the inter-rater agreement ranged between .91 - .97. In all, the adaptation of the WAIS-IV for Indo- nesia is psychometrically promising.


Keywords: Intelligence, Assessment, Item Analysis, Reliability



Suwartono, C., Halim, M. S., Hidajat, L. L., Hendriks, M. P. H., & Kessels, R. P. C. (2014). Development and Reliability of the Indonesian Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale—Fourth Edition (WAIS-IV). Psychology, 5, 1611-1619.

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