Atma Jaya

Covid-19 Menegaskan Jati Diri Filsafat

Journal of Social Ethics RESPONS is back in Edition 25 (02) 2020. This is the final edition for 2020. The General Leadership and the Board of Editors would like to thank all those who have been involved in making this edition a success. Also thanks to bestari partners who have carefully assessed and considered the articles published in this edition.
As usual, there are 5 main articles in this issue plus editorial notes and book reviews. The themes discussed in this edition also vary. The first two articles try to discuss the problem of the Covid-19 pandemic and how ethics / philosophy can contribute to their thoughts or ideas. Readers can also deepen discussions on ethical and philosophical issues in humanities education as well as philosophical discussions around mental revolution. The final article in this issue raises the thoughts of Philippine culture regarding the inner dimension (loob) of humans. Book reviewers are expected to introduce new books in the field of philosophy / ethics that have just been published.
Hopefully, dear readers can enjoy the presentation of the articles in the Journal of Responses, edition 25 (02) 2020.
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