Atma Jaya

Research Discussion. Social Support, Coping Strategies, and Personal Growth Initiative among Perpetrators of Sexual Violence




There was a lack of research about perpetrators of sexual violence. The previous studies were primarily focused on victims. This research aimed to give descriptions about social support, coping strategies and personal growth initiative among perpetrators who are restorated in prison. A qualitative approach was used to assess the subjective perspective of the participants. The findings are that participants have social support from families, prison officers, and other prisoners. There were several types of social support that participants had received, such as tangible, emotional, and appraisal. The coping strategies that participants used in prison to handle their stress were emotion-focused coping and problem-focused coping. Some respondents showed that their prison experiences lead them to have personal growth initiatives, including readiness for change, planfulness, using resources, and intentional behavior.  Based on this study, several recommendations need to be addressed, such as increasing water supply facilities in prison, psychoeducation programs about stress management, finding meaning in life, and a continuing program to raise gender awareness including laws that respect women.


Keywords: social support, coping strategies, personal growth initiative, sexual violence perpetrators


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