Atma Jaya

Academia-Industry Research Partnership at MTM Taiwan

The MTM Six Sigma Project is a collaboration between MOTION TECHNOLOGY ELECTRIC & MACHINERY CO., LTD., Industrial Engineering Department Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia (IE AJCUI), and Industrial and Systems Engineering Department CYCU Taiwan. It supports student internships and research programs to be implemented at MTM. This is aligned with the Internship Program in the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka program in Indonesia.


International partnerships between industry and academia will be instrumental to advancing research and knowledge and creating a skilled workforce. Collaboration between industry and academia is key to catalyse innovation and growth in technology. While industry often focuses on addressing solutions that are of near-term commercial value and academia focuses on building new knowledge through research and imparting education to students, the combination can yield the accelerated development of new breakthroughs.


Industry partnerships are instrumental in advancing research and creating a skilled workforce. Industry gains work-ready talent with specialist knowledge and practical training, and universities benefit by having opportunities to work on relevant technologies and challenging problems. Tuesday August 2, 2022, Mrs Riana as a representative of IE Department AJCUI had an opportunity to meet CEO MTM Mr.Steven Lin, MBA to give the appreciation directly.


May this partnership sustain for the future ahead between MTM, CYCU and AJCUI.

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