Atma Jaya

Preliminary Closing Meeting of GIPE 2020 15 July 2020

GIPE - Global Intercultural Project Experience-  is a project supported by DAAD, to unite students and faculties from four continents and let them work together in a real project. The participating universities are Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia, Westphalian University of Applied Science Germany, Namibia University of Science and Technology and San Pablo Catholic University Peru. Atma Jaya students who participated in this project are Christian Jauhari (Mechanical Engineering), Samuel Matthew (Electrical Engineering), Bianca Esther (Industrial Engineering), Davin Jeremiah Alamsyah, and Cliff Tangel (Information Systems).


Preliminary Closing Meeting of GIPE 2020 is an exciting and challenging time in which the students have managed to work highly motivated in international and intercultural teams on the National STI Portal of the NCRST project.The students should be proud of what they created despite all the adversities of the worldwide COVID19 pandemic in recent weeks.




The National STI Portal of the NCRST project

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